From the moment your Guests check in to a smart-technology hotel, they will never want to stay anywhere else. Once any Hospitality professional understands the capabilities of these systems and sees all of the advantages, they can hardly imagine working the old way any more.

Picture a room in unoccupied status the moment your Guest departs: automatically, the climate control system powers down, the TV, music, lights and appliances follow. Now picture your Operations team having the ability to manage, configure and update details remotely from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. Imagine Guests enjoying the ease and efficiency of using a single remote to control curtains, lights, temperature, TV and music, set wake-up functions, request their car from the valet service and make reservations – all from the comfort of their room.

At Suite Control, we have the best in automation and energy management solutions for the Hospitality industry. Integrated with the Control4 system, we can provide you with flexible solutions that make significant cost savings and give you the edge in providing a superb Guest experience.

The features of our Hospitality solutions can be seen here.

  • They are affordable and reliable automation systems for 3, 4 and 5 star properties.
  • They save staff time, energy, resources and money.
  • They are fully compatible with new and existing hotels of all sizes.
  • They are easy to use for your entire staff and your Guests.
  • They are standards-based and 100% scalable – meaning that you can start with one floor and roll the system out over more floors as the system shows its value to you and your Guests.

System Features

Audio Visual & Automation Systems

Security, Access Control & CCTV systems

Electrical installation, maintenance and repair

Intercom Systems

Lighting Control Systems

Data and Communication systems