With energy prices increasing dramatically, Suite Control helps our clients to save energy through a range of options. For residential clients and small businesses, we use advanced lighting control and what we call ‘Daylight Harvesting’. This system uses sensors to turn down lights automatically when ample sunlight is detected or turn lights off altogether when people are not present.

Home and Business Owners can also monitor power-usage with our integrated Smart system’s graphical feedback.  Waste is easily identified and largely eliminated using one simple tablet-style control. Scrolling from room to room, individual lights can all be dimmed or turned off and temperature in unoccupied rooms can be adjusted remotely with a few taps on the screen.

For the Hospitality Industry, the cost of electricity per room can be in the thousands per year. That can equate to Millions of dollars in total consumption for a whole hotel. Using Control4® in conjunction with Telkonet technology, electricity consumption can be cut by between 20% and 45%.

The automatic monitoring systems can do much more than turn off lights and electrical equipment when the room is unattended. Curtains and blinds automatically close to keep out the sun in summer and retain heat in the room during winter. The system will then automatically open the curtains to welcome your Guests and the intelligent climate control will bring the room to the pre-programmed temperature before they set foot in the room. With this level of automation, temperatures can be allowed to drift up or down within a given range when the rooms are unoccupied, again making significant savings.

Please contact Suite Control for a demonstration of how these technologies can make significant savings of energy, carbon dioxide emissions and money.